Easy Regular Workout Routines for Older Women

Workout Routines for Older Women Easy Regular Workout Routines for Older WomenAs women age, many issues can arise that make exercise difficult. One of the biggest problems many women have is arthritis that can make exercising difficult. This is why it is helpful to know some of the best exercises you can do that are not only easy, but gentle on your joints.

Water Exercises

Exercising in the water is an excellent choice for many reasons. For one, many people find the water to be soothing. The other is that the water helps to relieve the stress off the joints, making the exercise easier on your joints. You can simply swim in the water or do water aerobics. If you are not a fan of exercising in front of people, simply look up water aerobics online and practice them in your own pool. If your pool is heated or you live in a tropical location, you should be able to do these exercises all year long.

Walking on a Treadmill

Another great option you can utilize is walking on a treadmill. This can help to keep you indoors where you can control the climate. You can also control the incline and speed at which you walk this way. When you are walking on a treadmill, there is not as much pressure on the knee joints. Studies have also shown that going on a brisk walk for 30 minutes a day several times a week can help to increase your bone density, which is another issue many postmenopausal women face.  You can do this exercise for as long as it is comfortable for you and slowly build up over time. If you want to go out for a walk, you can do the same thing. However, many women find they like to use the treadmill as they can watch TV while they exercise.


Another great exercise you should know about is yoga. This is helpful because it helps to stretch the muscles of your body and make them leaner. When you stretch the muscles, you can help to relieve some of the pressure off the joints. This low impact workout can also help with mental balance and creating an overall feeling of wellbeing. The nice thing is that you can do this by yourself at home or in classes. There are many different styles of yoga that you can try out to find which one you like best. If yoga does not seem like something you would be interested in, and then you can also try tai chi. As with yoga, it helps to balance your mind and body, though this works through slow, controlled movements.

What You Should Know

Before you start any of these exercises, you want to talk with your doctor to get it cleared first. Your doctor will be able to tell you the intensity, exercises and duration you should aim for. This will help to keep you from being injured, which is why it is important. The thing to remember is that it is never too late to focus on your health and wellbeing and exercise is the perfect way to do this.

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Angelique Partin has a Florida medical provider license for massage therapy and understands the importance of walking on a treadmill and other exercises to maintain body weight and keep the body in optimal condition.

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